Tuesday, January 20, 2015

little Dumplin' RON needs a family!

please read and pray for this heart/cleft warrior too. As a mama to a cleft AND heart baby, I am burdened for this handsome boy. Dear Lord...send his family soon!
Look at this precious boy! This is "Ron", listed with Holt International. He is 2 1/2 years old and has cleft lip and palate as well as complex congenital heart disease. Ron is well loved by his caretakers and is described as "active and smart." Ron can walk without assistance, speak, and enjoys making his ayis laugh by acting serious and then winking at them! He sounds like a gem! I have had a pediatric cardiologist review his file, and his thoughts are as follows:

"This little boy has a complex form of single ventricle heart disease, easiest called double outlet right ventricle with pulmonary atresia. The pulmonary blood flow was initially supplied by one large collateral (either a PDA or a different type of vessel) and many small collateral vessels. He underwent a Glenn at four months of age (no operative reports). It is unclear if any of the small additional collaterals were incorporated into the Glenn or not.
The largest concern is that his pulmonary arteries at 2 years of age are quite small. If these measurements are correct, 4 and 5mm for a 2 year old is quite small and may make the Fontan operation much more difficult and prone to lifelong complications. Additionally, if there are additional AP (aortopulmonary) collaterals that are large, these would need to be brought together with the pulmonary arteries at the next operation.
It is not clear from this information if the VSD could ever be closed to the aortic valve and an RV-PA conduit placed to give a 2 ventricle circulation. In general, it is hard to give much further information with little data. He would likely require a cardiac cath and/ or MRI (if 2 ventricle were planned)."
Please contact Beth Smith at Holt International at 541-687-2202 if you are interested in learning more about this beautiful child!


This little one breaks my heart. Her diagnosis is so similiar to my daughter's. But, she has had NO intervention thus far and needs a family to RUN TO HER!! PLEASE PRAY FOR HER! SHE IS WORTH THE RISK!!!! How blessed her family will be who gets to call Piper theirs.
Her info:
Beautiful "Piper", with Holt International, needs a family to love and support her! Piper is just over 3 years old, is described as "smart", and loves to read, draw, play with puzzles, and spend time outdoors. Piper has complex CHD believed to consist of Dextrocardia, single atrium, single ventricle, and malposition of the great arteries. A cardiologist's review of Piper's Chinese medical file paints the picture of a potentially poor prognosis which interested families should be aware of. Piper needs a family that is ready to declare, "YES! We will embrace this child and walk whatever road we need to with her!" Interested families may contact Beth Smith at Holt International Children's Services at 541-687-2202.
"This child has a form of single ventricle heart disease, suspicious for having heterotaxy (dextrocardia and single ventricle).
There is a common atrium and a common ventricle and both the aorta and pulmonary artery arise from this single ventricle. Based on this information, this would typically managed with surgical palliation to Fontan circulation. Without narrowing or stenosis of the pulmonary valve this anatomy is a high setup for pulmonary vascular disease (pulm HTN) and symptoms of pulmonary overcirculation. The velocity across the pulmonary valve is normal and there is a very abnormal diastolic velocity of 3.5m/s suggesting that this child does have pulmonary hypertension.

There is no clinical history, but I might have some more additional info to know her oxygen saturations. However, based on this single echocardiogram, the natural history of this anatomy and the PV diastolic velocity, I would be very suspicious that she has PH and would not be an operative candidate.
It is very hard to counsel about what this patients life might be like without surgery, ie single ventricle heart disease and Eisenmenger’s syndrome. It is possible to have many years without many overt symptoms (other than exercise intolerance) before progressive cyanosis takes over. Based on old data, life without surgery would be unexpected beyond 20 years and possibly before then."

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Precious Kellin, in need of HOPE!

Kellin is precious beyond words. 

His sweet face calls out for a family to love him!
He  was in Bethel’s care for 10 months in 2012. He improved so much during that time, he went from being a weak, unhappy baby to being a fat, happy baby! He loves to be cuddled and loves to speak baby babble and play with his lips so that they make sounds, and he repeat words. He learned how to crawl and to stand and he started to walk holding hands with one of his ayis.


His transformation that he underwent just by being there a short time gives a little glimpse as to what a FOREVER family can do for him and how he could just BLOSSOM into all he is created to be and do! How blessed that family would be!
Unfortunately, Since he has been back at his orphanage, he has been very unhappy. He cries all of the time and he does not receive the care and attention that he needs. He mostly lies in his crib all day and he cries. This is heartbreaking!
This is such a different baby to the boy when he was at Bethel and we know that with the love and attention of a family, he will return to his happy, healthy self.

If you can't adopt Kellin, please pray about donating to his Reece's Rainbow account so another family may be financially able to bring him home and bring him HOPE!
If you would like to know more about how to adopt Kellin, Please contact me

Thursday, April 3, 2014

SHEENA is so sweet!!!!

This sweet girl needs her family!!! Below is information on this beautiful girl and how you can adopt her. please share her! Praying her family sees her soon!

2 year old, Sheena is waiting for a family and is listed with Madison Adoption Associates via an orphanage partnership. She is only available to families who have a dossier logged in at this time. She is diagnosed as having: 1. right congenital complete cleft lip and palate after repair; 2. right complete alveolar cleft. Sheena is obstinate at times and timid. She does not like sports, but does like to sit in the walker. Sheena enjoys playing with toys and likes playing games with adults. She can laugh happily if she sees other kids laughing. She is shy and ready to smile.
Video Links:
password: Adoptmaa

She has an update in her file from 3/3/2014:
1. Is she walking without assistance? She can walk by holding something.
2. Is she saying any words? Not yet.
3. Does she understand what is being said to her and follow directions? Sometimes she can understand instructions of the caretakers and follow it.
4. Does she respond when her name is called? Yes. But sometimes she does not want to talk to you.
5. Does she play well with other children? Occasionally she will play with other kids.
Generally she plays by herself.
6. Does she like to be hugged and held by caretakers, and does she initiate this type of contact with caretakers? She likes being hugged and held by caretakers. She will not hug or hold the caretakers. She will hold their hands to play together.
7. Is her mental development similar to that of her peers? A little behind kids from normal families.
8. Is her physical development similar to that of her peers? A little behind kids from normal families.
9. Has she been diagnosed with any special needs in addition to cleft lip and palate? No.
10. What type of toys does she like to play with best? Balls.

If you are interested in learning more about Sheena, please fill out a free Prospective Adoptive Parents- Waiting Child Review Form, which can be found here:http://madisonadoption.com/docs/Prospective%20Adoptive%20Parents%20-%20WC%20Form.pdf

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sweet Jonathan

Jonathan Shines

This post was shared from Love without Boundaries Blog There is something very special about this sweet boy's smile and eyes....
Five-year-old Jonathan has been in our Foster Care Program in Hunan since October 2009, when he was just two.  We first introduced him in 2010 in the blog,“Endearing Jonathan”, when he was just beginning to walk.  As we have come to know him over the years, we have seen him maintain his sweet spirit and charming personality while developing confidence in many areas.  Jonathan is now a happy, enthusiastic boy who attends kindergarten.
It’s hard not to be charmed by Jonathan as he performs a well-known Chinese children’s song in the video below called, “Ni Wa Wa”.  This song is about a doll who has no mother or father — just like little Jonathan. He is rewarded at the end with a toy microphone and is encouraged to thank his audience!  His proud smile says it all.
LWB’s Healing Homes Director, Julie Flynn Coleman, shared this video of Jonathan demonstrating his knowledge of colors and his ability to string beads.  He is obviously eager to please and show off his cleverness!
Jonathan is said to adore going to school, and sometimes he wakes up his foster grandfather in the morning and asks him to hurry so they can go to school early.
Jonathan’s speech has improved greatly. He can count to twenty and can tell short stories. He is always excited to talk to our foster care manager when she comes to visit and enjoys getting his picture taken and giving big, shining smiles for the camera!
Jonathan has scoliosis and a left ear deformity. We would love to see him thrive in a family setting where we feel sure his infectious smile would be most welcome.  We are hopeful that 2013 will be Jonathan’s year to find a forever family!
For more info and to see his videos please see this link
Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoptionassistance@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

Gentle Cameron

I  fell in love with Cameron the first moment I saw his picture and the gentleness in his eyes seems to reflect his tender, sweet heart. 
What a warrior this precious boy is. He has endured much, but LOOK at his smile. Such strength in this boy, a true hero. 

**Cameron's quiet, gentle spirit will capture your heart right away. He is a four year old boy living in an orphanage in a ...large Asian country. His caregivers describe him as a cooperative little boy who is shy, modest and loved by staff and children alike. Cameron loves picture books and music, and would love to have a mom or dad to cuddle with. He loves the outdoors and toys that make noises. Even though Cameron has palm deformity on both hands  (fused fingers and contractions) , he is able to eat independently and draw lines.
Cameron was abandoned at age three in a local train station. We don't know the story of how he acquired the significant burn scars on his body, but we are sure that Cameron needs a new beginning. Cameron needs a family who will help him make his way in the world and shower him with unconditional love. Could your family be Cameron's new beginning? Contact  today at myriam@agapeadoptions.org for more information including lots of pictures and videos of this beautiful little boy.**

The above was written just recently and Cameron still waits. Shriner's in Cincinnati  can help.  PLEASE see the inside of this child... He deserves a chance of a lifetime... a FAMILY!!!

Monday, March 24, 2014


Leah (Shen Shen) – Medically Urgent

Leah is in a special and urgent situation. Her orphanage will not do her adoption paperwork, unless a family comes forward for her first!

Shen Shen2
Shen Shen
Leah isn’t just a sick little girl, she is AMAZING! The photo of her sleeping is the most recent. The other photos are about a year old.
Someone who has met her said“She has personality and so much potential. She loves to laugh and she REALLY loves to eat. She is 4 years old but is tiny, tiny.”
LeahFrom my understanding, initially he diagnosis was just “CHD”. She went in for an Echo recently and they diagnosed her with “Pulmonary high pressure/hypertension”. At this point her heart is no operable in China. The doctor said in-country treatment would be taking a very expensive medication once per day for a year, after which she would go back for a follow-up Echo and see if there have been any changes in her health. Because this would be so expensive for the orphanage, it isn’t likely that they would pursue this treatment. Because of the severity of her heart, she is very delayed in speech and motor development. She gets winded very easily and is very weak. She is smart though! Her smile is contagious…THOSE DIMPLES! She is just beautiful.”
A recent second opinion from a heart surgeon“His conclusion was that surgery is not an option for her. What she needs is a heart and a lung transplant.”
As you can see, Leah will most likely not get the medication she needs without a family, and she certainly won’t have a chance at a heart and lung transplant without a family, so she REALLY NEEDS A FAMILY to help give her a CHANCE at LIFE.
If you think your family may be a match for sweet Leah, please send Jessica at Twentyless.com, an e-mail.