Friday, January 17, 2014

ADORABLE sweet 2 yo Finn

Look at adorable 2 year old, Finn! 


He just OOOZES sweetness!!! Something about him just makes me want to crawl through the screen and scoop him up!!!

Finn is waiting for a family in China and is newly listed with Madison Adoption Associates. He is diagnosed with congenital deformity of the right hand- 4 fingers; thumb missing; postoperative right hernia; right lower limb muscular tension.

From his Oct. 2013 file: "Now FINN is 1 year and 10 months old. Since entering the foster family, he lives happily with the foster parents every day. Now FINN cannot talk but he can express his own need with the children words. For example, if he wants to drink water, he would yell at the mother and give a sign of drinking water. When he knows there are fruits in the refrigerator, he would point at it and yell at the mother. If he is full, he would shake the head and close the mouth. If he wants to
watch TV, he would point at the TV and let the mother turn on TV.
At present, FINN cannot walk independently. But he can support the floor with hands and move forward with the button. He moves very fast. At home, he likes to move around the room and observe the things in the curious eyes. When the mother is cooking in the kitchen, he would
move to the gate of the kitchen. Then he would watch the mother cook with holding the door. Sometimes he would talk with the mother with the sounds of “en, ah”. Sometimes he would play under the desk for a while. When the mother fetches the clothes back to fold, he would imitate her to fold the clothes. He can distinguish the clothes correctly. At home, FINN likes to play with the young sister. He would cover the eyes of the sister to play hide-and-seek. They often giggle together. FINN likes to play outside. After breakfast every day, he would point at the door and make sounds to let the mother take him to play with the little friends in the community. FINN is very generous. If there are some delicious foods or funny toys on the hands, he would share with little
friends friendly. But FINN does not like others hold him, apart from the familiar people, he allows them to hold him for a while. When playing outside, he would talk to himself happily. Although his hands are inconvenient, it does affect him to hold or grasp some little objects. He
can hold the peanut or grape with the index and middle fingers flexibly. He can imitate the adults to put on the clothes and shoes. But at present, he does not put on the clothes yet. FINN likes to imitate the father to read newspapers with the magnifying glass. Sometimes FINN scatters the candies on the floor; he would be criticized by the mother. He would bury the head obediently and pick up the candies. But sometimes when he is criticized for nothing, he would cry loudly. But as long as the mother comforts him, he will be fine soon." 

For more information or to review his file, please fill out a free family information sheet, which can be found here:

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